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Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Fun (so far!)

We have officially lived in Pittsburgh for 3 months... it feels like so much longer, but in a good way! Here's what we've been up to lately! (some photos are from a few weeks ago but I just found them on my camera)

Past snow!

One happy little dude!

Best Birthday Present Ever!
Thanks for being so creative daddy!



Love this sweet girl!

Watching a cooking show!

Trevi treat from the Asian market! We needed curry ingredients.

Warm little suit for our walks

This is why I order everything online. She loves the boxes!

Gosh, he's a happy dude... when he's actually awake!

We got a suit from a friend at church... first impressions=not impressed.

he actually really loves it! Plus, he stays super warm!

out for our daily walk

getting better at the tummy time

she says she is taking care of her horses!

pretty sure she does this puzzle 20 times a day!

Nothing could stop us from the zoo this morning... not even 19 degree weather and snow!!!!

Sunset on our walk tonight! 

Trevi got big girl pjs and a new Christmas book from auntie Amy!!!

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