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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lots of New Things!

It's been a fun couple weeks over here in Pittsburgh! Lot's of new things have happened and been discovered!
Harvey found his feet and he's obsessed!

It snowed a little a few days before Thanksgiving! We got excited!

Trevi has started pretending and become imaginative in her play! It's very cute to listen to her from the kitchen while she talks to her animals!

First french braid. Seriously so hard on her fine thin hair.

Thanksgiving happened and we got MORE snow!!!! Keep it coming Pittsburgh!

Harvey wanted to enjoy the snow!

He seemed pretty happy with it!

After the snow we went inside and he held his own bottle! This little man is growing up so fast ;)

Thanksgiving day walk in the snow!

I don't even like pigtails but these were pretty cute!

Harvey got to have his first bites of food on Thanksgiving! 
We gave him Sweet potatoes and banana!

He quickly got the hang of it and took over!

Sweet potatoes!

He's a huge fan of the elephant Trevi got for her birthday! Thankfully she is more than willing to share with her little brother!

Auntie Amy sent Trevi her first Care Bare for her birthday! She is teaching him how to make the slinky Grandpa got her go down the stairs!

Watching trains on our Thanksgiving morning walk to Whole Foods for pastries!

Playing on a tractor!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Ready for the Hawks game! Who am I kidding... this kid goes to bed at 6pm so he definitely missed the 830pm kickoff.

Snowy Thanksgiving Day park run!

Harvey's new toy!

Hi Man!

Mid-sneeze! One of my favorite photos to take!


Hmmm... seems to be teething!

Trevi teaching him how to press the buttons

Christmas is upon us!!!

Probably one of my favorite sights so far of this little one!

This too!! We used an angle she made at church for the top!

Harvey is mesmerized by the tree!
Babies First Christmas!

She's mastered the fishy face! 

Peas were next! He was a big fan of peas! 
Thank you vitamin for making baby food so easy!

It's always a zoo around here!

Why shouldn't a raccoon drive a car?!?!?!

Learning to like Sophie the giraffe!

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