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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bellefield Christmas Program (and more!)

First of all, how is Trevi old enough for a Church Christmas Program?!?!!? I know she's 3 but seriously how did we get here this fast? She was darling in the program (minus the part where she made her friend, Jules cry because she wouldn't hold her hand) and seemed to know the lyrics to the song along with the hand gestures! It was really fun to watch!

Riding the bus to church!

We headed down a little early to join the kids for one last practice!

Trevi and Jules!

Thank you Great-grandma for the dress. It arrived on Saturday and I couldn't help but open it and let Trevi wear the dress because it was so adorable and really, she had nothing else holiday!

 The whole group. Notice my kid doesn't want to hold hands with Jules. Apparently I don't create very affectionate kids.

Trevi and her cheesy smile!

Doing the hand motions along with the song!

I'm impressed she learned a song and routine in just a couple weeks!

Other fun activities lately:

I got invited to a Pitt basketball game and our seats were awesome! First row!

The wonderful girls I went with! 
PS. cute little baby Brooke there was born the same day as Harvey!

Harvey has yet to roll but he seems to be getting closer!

When is it appropriate to buzz your babies head? 5 months?!

Trevi is so sweet with Harvey! She is always getting things for him!

Typical evening walk to look for Christmas lights and squirrels!
And yes, that is doggy in her jacket! She always brings a buddy and ensures that they're warm!

This is usually how Harvey ends up!

Looking at the carousels and the village houses!

yummmmm.... butternut squash! He's a big fan of food!

I'm a big fan of these two!!!

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