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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Brett and I are officially leaving for Australia on August 31st!! We have two one-way tickets to fly into Brisbane after 20 hours of traveling! (wow, that sounds like a long time just sitting here, I can't imagine how long it is really going to seem) As of now are flying, landing and than who knows... Brett is going to Skype with a kite boarding school this Friday night about a possible job in a small town outside of Melbourne called St. Kilda! It looks like a small, hippie coast town that would be so much fun to settle some roots in. Depending on how is internet interview goes more plans can be made!

We have been going to wedding after wedding this summer, which has been a lot of fun! I guess we are at the age of weddings and next will be babies! Either way, it is so much fun! Congratualtions to everyone we know who is getting engaged, married, pregnant or having babies this year!

This is the Teitzel wedding at Trophy Lake! I had never been here before the wedding but it is so beautiful with the waterfall and ponds. It is an awesome location for a summer wedding. Not to mention this was a beautiful wedding! Kelly, Chris and family, you did an amazing job!
I have gotten two wisdom teeth pulled within two weeks of each other. While they were both voluntary it still hurt and laid me up for a few days each time. Thankfully it was my dad who did both procedures so I was under good hands! Brett was my moral support the second time! Thankfully I will never have to do it again or worry about them while in Australia.

We leave in about a month and we would love to see as many people before we leave! Don't hesitate to call or email. Before we know it it will be time to say Bon Voyage!!!

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