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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We've Moved! You'll be finding us among the koala bears and kangaroos!

We have arrived in the land down under. (Boy, I sure hope they call it that here because I really like the way it sounds but I sure don’t want to sound like a total tourist) We departed Seattle at 335pm on Monday August 31st and are expected to arrived in Brisbane, Australia at 9am on Wednesday September 2nd. Tuesday, August 1st literally never happened in our lives. Our first flight to LA was, to say the least, easy and short, lasting a measly 2 hours and 10 mins. We boarded our flight to Auckland, NZ at 9pm and slept/ate/watched movies/strolled the cabin for 13 hours. I was shocked at how fast it really went. I think I must have worked it up so much in my mind that it actually went fairly quickly. We ran into a group of kids at the airport in LA, I use the term kids loosely because I swear we are still kids but then we run into students who are studying abroad and I instantly feel OLD. The students were doing a semester in NZ for some ecology class/project. It really sounded like so much fun! It instantly makes me remember my days of studying abroad and how freaking giddy I was boarding the plane knowing I was going to be “living” somewhere so different and exotic for 5 months. However, I was just as excited, if not more, for this trip. Thinking about spending 12 or so months with my best friend on a continent that doubles as an island is so crazy but amazing!
Here’s the second piece for the day. We officially landed in Brisbane and made it to our hostel, the Blue Tongue Backpackers Resort. We got our own room with a bathroom not far down the hallway. It will be perfect for the first few nights. However, Brett and I both agree that we want to get out of the city as soon as possible. We are itching to drive up the coast and enjoy the beautiful scenery and ruggedness of Australia. We have already found a few vans to call on so that is our next step. While we feel a little lost with no phone, car, or sense of direction it is only 11am in Brisbane so we are happy we have the whole day ahead of us to get our bearings in this city and call on a few vans. Wish us luck! So far we feel we have had a very successful first few hours in Australia and cannot wait to tell you more about it!
Stick around for more!
PS. For those of you who know me really well I have officially had my first cappuccino and I feel like I am in Italy all over again. They know how to do coffee here! A small foamy capp with chocolate dusting the top! No sugar needed and it is pure perfection! Sorry Ash!!!

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Emily said...

Loved reading this! Hope you both are having a FABULOUS time!!!