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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas Cards

Working on a boat does something to people. Yes, it makes them barf when the water is rough but it also makes them want to take pictures because the water is so blue, the sky is so clear and the beauty of the land is endless. This is where I come in. I work on the boat and in turn this has made me the photographer for many families trying to capture the beauty of Low Isles. (Aka. My office until further notice) I have realized a very funny phenomenon however. Whenever someone asks me to take their picture I always wait for them to pose and I recite the normal phrase of, “This is for your Christmas card!” Hence the reason for this blog. Families in Australia don’t send out Christmas cards. That is only a states thing. I finally realized this after talking to an Australian couple who has friends in the states and after many many funny looks from families who had never heard of the idea of Christmas cards. People in Australia think that the Christmas card photo and especially a letter recounting all the events from the year is impersonal and would rather have someone ring them to give them the bits of information about the family.

Just anything interesting difference between here and there.
Brett and I are headed to Mossman Gorge today. I don’t really know anything about except that Brett is excited and there is a swimming hole. It is only about 30 minutes away so we will check it out and be back in time for the best recommended take away fish and chips in town!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and here’s to a great upcoming week! We miss you and all we love you.

PS. We got to skype with Miss. Olivia today and she is so cute. She looks a lot like her daddy but also a lot like her cousins! She is so sweet and tiny! Keep posting pictures please!


Bob said...

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are going to try to stick it out for a while on the Shoalin(sp?). You'll probably learn a lot about boating and you'll meet a lot of nice people if you cn get by the seasickness. Lucas and I explored Deadman's Island yesterday and we went back today and cooked macocheese using my backpackers stove on the sand spit. Both days were gorgeous but it's getting a little cooler. It's supposed to rain on Tuesday. This has been the best summer I can remember. I'll try to post the photos of Lucas on facebook. We leave for Amy, Zach and Boston two weeks from this Thursday. Love, Dad & Mom

Dick and Bo said...

Hi guys! We're reading right along, happy to keep up with all that you are doing. Glad you got to see little Miss Olivia. I am headed down that way on Thursday. Can't wait to hold that little bundle in my arms again. As for Gav and Coco - trying to hold them doesn't happen much - Gav's out of hugs and Coco is way too busy. :-) Tomorrow night starts my first class on the book of Proverbs. Been studying. Glad to get an address from you. Bet you are glad to HAVE and address! Brett, I don't know what to say about that for me, I just finished a double stuffed Vanilla Oreo cookie. Delicious! Looking forward to hearing more about how work is going and how the swimming hole was. Love, Mom and Dad