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Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday to us, Monday to you

Hi all!

I think I have figured out a great way to get online more often. The library!!!!! We are currently in the beef capital of Australia, otherwise known as Rockhampton. I seriously feel like I am in Ellensburg! We stayed last night in Tannum Sands, which was pretty darn cute. On the way into town we spotted 3 kiters so you can imagine Brett's excitement! We headed straight for the beach and unfortunately the wind was just dying. However, since he did kite Monday in Noosa he was feeling pretty good and not too bummed he missed the wind. Tannum Sands was a great little town to spend the night in however while Brett was brushing his teeth he decided to take a quick stroll down to the river and dip his toes in the sand. He found the sand alright and he also found what could have been the end of his life. He walked back to the van and spotted a sign that said, NO Swimming, Crocodile inhabited area. Yikes.

We are still driving up the coast and trying to make it as far as we can. I think Airlie Beach is our destination for today. Airlies Beach is the hub to the Whitsunday Islands. Look them up if you have never heard of them. One of the islands is where the Most Amazing Job in the World is. (Remember the stuff on the news about winning that job) Well, I reckon we will be able to live our own dream for a day or two without have to send in a video to convince the city that we are great for the islands. Hopefully we will get a nice place to stay aka. a nice stall right next to the beach with a BBQ, and some swim time with the turtles! Pray for that please!

We have been on the Bruce Highway (A1) here while journeying up the coast to Port Douglas. Lets just say their version of I-5 is about as safe as East Bay drive but instead we go 100km (60 mph). We can literally feel every semi that goes flying by because our little van get swayed a few feet to the left. And let me tell you a few feet in the little van without power steering is like being on a roller coaster. I am letting Brett, or more like pray he doesn't mind, do all the highway driving. He is very comfortable on the left side of the road. Now, I will tell you I have been driving! I enjoy the less coastal roads and town driving. I would say getting used to the left side has been a pretty easy transition for both Brett and I!

Besides driving we are trying to figure out the insurance stuff, registration for the car and banking aspect of Australia. It is definitely different!

Well, we are out of the library for now. I really think this is going to be the new way of letting you into our lives. Free Internet, comfy chairs and AC!!!

xoxo, B and K


Bob said...

Great blog. Please keep them coming as often as you can. Be very careful about those big trucks because they will any fight you may get into with them. Verify that you have liability insurance!!!! Love, Dad & Mom

Bob said...

Great blog. Keep them coming. We really enjoy them. Watch out for thos big trucks as they will wing any scrape you get into with them. Verify that you have liability insurance so you don't end up in jail. Love, Dad & Mom

Bob said...

Sorry for the double post.