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Friday, September 4, 2009

Greetings from the raining city

WE GOT A VAN!!!!!!! Simon has officially become our new best friend. No, Simon is not the name of our new van but instead the amazing Australian who sold us our van. The van’s name is still to be determined! I think Simon is kind of free spirit like us considering the facts listed next. He lived in Perth and after he was offered a job in Brisbane he bought the van from an elderly couple and drove it solo across the great Australian desert. He worked in Brizzy for about 2 weeks or maybe it was 2 months (I cannot remember) and royally hated his job so he got a new job in Broome, WA (Western Australia for those of you who thought I was talking about WA state!) and posted the van for sale. Upon hearing from us he got the van ready for sale, bought a ticket to Thailand and hitched a ride from us to the airport upon receiving the cash for the van. He is spending two weeks in Thailand with friends before he starts his job on the west coast!!! He was really fun to chat with and answered all our funny questions about Australia. He was a huge help in more ways than one!!!

So, we have our van and she is safely parked on the street for the night. I am secretly hoping we wake up at 545am for the third morning in a row so we can go play with her and get all our junk situated and be on the road first thing when the sun comes up around 630am! This might take lots of work on my part because Brett is totally determined to go to bed later so we don’t get up sop early but hey, maybe I can avoid a run two mornings in a row if I play my cards right!!!

We had an amazing dinner tonight from Burger Urge. Now, I can guarantee I am going to be getting an urge for this burger once we leave Brisbane. It was amazing. Bacon, avocado, tomato relish, beef, a sesame bun, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and the most amazing chips (ok, sorry fries) with a lime mayo dressing. It was the best burger either of us has ever eaten! We have also come up with a system to not drain our wallets of money. We split everything, especially dinners. It seems to be working great. Thankfully we also have a ton of really great snacks from everyone to munch on if we get hungry between meals. However, we are by no means going hungry!!

Alright, well off to bed for now! We are planning to head up the coast tomorrow! We’ll keep you all posted!

Saturday 9.5.09
It is raining in Brisbane but thankfully we are getting out of here and heading up the coast to a cool small kiteboarding town called Caloundra. We will write more once we get some more experience but for now we need to shelp all our gear to the van, hit the farmers market and begin our drive. Thankfully Brett has already mastered the art of driving on the opposite side of the road!
Wish us luck and thanks for the prayers!

We have updated the pictures on facebook to include the van. You can view all the pictures from the link in the post below.

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