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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Date night

Thursday 9.17.09
We have made it to Cairns! This is usually the end of the road for people traveling the coast however for those of us who are only 16 days into our trip it is still the beginning. We spent the night in a caravan park last night right outside of the city. I think Brett is realizing that we need some sort of amenities each night because I started crying when I had to pee in the woods the other night. No, I am not a total woosie however I do like to have a proper bathroom to do my business.
We are not planning to stay every night in a paid place however there will definitely be a bathroom from now on!

Brett and I got to have our first official date night last night as well. I know what you are all thinking… “Date night? Isn’t every night date night?” Well, no it is not. For this one we actually took shower intended to clean us up for the night, we put on clean clothes, and we went out for dinner. For those of you who know me let me explain why this constituted as a date night. I put on some make-up and dress. It was so much fun! We went to a happy hour sushi place where the little train brought around small rolls, pot stickers, miso soup and some other “interesting” looking things and we got to grab what we wanted and each plate was only 2.50. It was so much fun. We finished off the night by browsing through the night market, where you can get real Uggs for cheap, we stopped at two gelato places just sample the yummy flavors, and we got some cookies to dip in our evening coffee! It was a great night and so needed.

We are planning to head to a cable park today so Brett can spend some time wakeboarding. Pray for this arm considering that is how he hurt it last time. However I am fairly certain that the point of a cable park it is try and ride rails and go off jumps not so much do flips. Hopefully… We are also heading to a well known kiting place called Yorkey’s Knob. I have a feeling we might spend the night there just to avoid getting to Port Douglas a little longer so we don’t have to start working.

The weather is still wonderful here. I honestly don’t know if it will ever not be wonderful. It is cooler right now because it is spring but that still means bathies and shorts. I am also hoping that once it starts getting hotter is when we will head down to Melbourne. Brett applied to one school and they have all his paperwork so please pray that he gets in. The school is Regis University in Denver and it is kind of a top choice of ours. It starts in May so it would also allow us to plan some more of our trip when we find out if he is accepted. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ok, time to put the bed away in the van, do the brekkie dishes and start planning what meat pie I am going to have for lunch. We’re off for now! Love you all and hope all is well and safe!


Bob said...

K8 & Brett, Thanks for the great info. It sounds like camping may be getting a little old for K8, at least. A break from it once in a while is probably a good idea. It does look like your van is serving you very well though. Have you had to do any repairs on it? Do you expect it to get really hot in Port Douglas? How long do you think you'll stay there before heading South? Post more photos when you get the chance. Love, Dad & Mom H.

Dick and Bo said...

Hi loves, We miss you! Just got back last nite from San Diego. Had a fabulous time with C, M and the new Miss Olivia Rose, who is soft, gentle and content...hard to leave!
K8, I'm reading Sunburned Country and loving it! I'm becoming more intrigued with Australia than I ever imagined.Your blogs have been so descriptive which is helping to picture you in each new location.
Keep us posted on Brett's Nursing School applications. Denver would be great!
Sending you all our love,
Mom and Dad T

Scott said...

It's great to hear the regular updates via the blog. Erica and I miss you guys a ton. How does the shoulder feel? Howz K8 doing with 24-7 Brett time? What the likelyhood of being accepted to Denver? Did you fix the front bumper? What in the world is a meat pie?I figured, if I enjoy hearing about life down under you would also like an update about the happenings back at home. Gavin and I watched a pig birth at the Puyallup fair. Went through 3 bottles of hand sanitized in the past 12 hours. We r both scarred for life. I had to watch a Friday the 13th film just to get my mind detoured from what we saw at the fair. Gav begins preschool next week and he's strangly excited. Coco loves elephant ears and fisher scones. Just found out from our financial advisor that coco's college education will cost $400,000. Just installed a keg cooler at the wine bar and will begin serving draft beer tomorrow. The Ron-yea will not be on tap. Erica's wishing that Kate was around for Monday night dinners. I put 950 miles on the new bike and loved each mile more than the previous one. I kinda have an itch to kite board. It's a lot like kids. You forget how horrible the screaming newborn stage is and decide to have another child. I forget the feeling of panic for my life and feel like giving it another try. Off to bed for now. Keep the updates rolling they are truly so special to us. Love SEGC

John Pleau said...

Hi Brett and Kate!

Love the blog. We miss you two. Keep the Faith.

John & Cindi