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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning from friends

Brett and I continued for the second week of getting $10 pizza on Tuesday night except last night we had friends with us!!! Yes, we have friends! We met this couple at a state park awhile back, remember the couple from Seattle, and we just met up with them again in Port. We have been keeping in contact and randomly running into them in towns totally unplanned! We were totally meant to be friends! Anyways, they came back into town yesterday and we went to dinner with them and then ate drumstick ice cream cones on the beach with them! It was so much fun and so awesome to have a couple to hang out with. They are from Western Australia but are traveling around like us for two years. They are really nice and they teach us so much about Australia. Plus, it is really fun to talk to them about the states because she grew up there and he has visited quite a few times and they had their wedding in Seattle. Small world huh.

Here are a few things they have taught us:
1. Graham crackers are nowhere to be found in Australia so the poor kids have never had or heard of a s'more. Ahhh, what is a bon fire on the beach without a s'more. However, I guess since they don't have hershey's chocolate either a s'more just wouldn't be the same.

2. We can buy a club card for $20 for The Coffee Shop (their version of Starbucks) and get buy one coffee get the second one free every time we go in there! Finally I can get my cappuccino and not feel bad about spending $4 because Brett's coffee will be free!!

3. People here either like vegemite or promite. There is no gray area. Vegemite is a vegetable extract spread that they put on toast or lunch sandwiches and depending on what you grow up on that is what you like. They explained it as being the same as liking either pepsi or coke. I instantly understood what the big deal was because people in the states who actually drink pop are so hardcore about the two.

4. Kids here didn't grow up on PB&J sandwiches. People in Australia actually think that the combo is really gross and instead grew up with vegemite sandwiches or PB and honey. Just no jelly. However, I can see why the name peanut butter and jelly would sound gross because here jelly is jello and our jelly is jam. Peanut butter and jam just doesn't have the same ring.

Ok, we are done with brekkie and about to head down the beach to hang out with Ted and Heidi. They are in Port for maybe a week before heading to Darwin so we want to see them as much as possible! Hope all is well there.

Happy Birthday tomorrow BO!!!! (Oct. 1st)


Bob said...

Thanks for all of the interesting Aussie info. and we're glad that you do have some friends to hang out with. You guys are going to return home next may with a wealth of experiences. I'm going to see if I can find Vegemite or Promite in one of our grocery stores. I'd love to try it.

Kate Teodoro said...

hey dad,

You should try and find it because it is quite good once you get used to it. However, if you do find it be careful not to put too much on a slice of bread. Honestly, put less than a teaspoon on each slice. It doesn't take much. Brett eats it with butter and a slice of cheese or with an egg on top. You might be able to find it at world market.