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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harry Potter

Life is kind of like home. Brett has already gotten up, made breakfast and is rushing out the door as I sit here with my coffee cup preparing for my day. No, I am not saying I don't work but it still feels very similar because we have jobs, we drink morning coffee and we have an apartment in a small town. Before we left I honestly never pictured what our lives would be like while here but they are very similar to our lives at home. I think this is comforting and frustrating all at the same time. I like that we have a home base and a town that we enjoy but I am also eager to get back on the road around Christmas time! I am looking forward to heading south where it is said to be a little less hot and we are also making plans for NZ and southeast Asia so I am doing my research for that!

Last night Brett and I met up with Ted and Heidi again and watched an outside viewing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! It is a lot of fun and Brett actually enjoyed his first Harry Potter movie and stayed awake through the WHOLE thing! This is a huge accomplishment because I honestly don't think he has made it through a single movie since we have been married and all his friends will attest to the fact that he puts on a movie just to fall asleep! It must have been that he was in a restaurant with outside seating at a regular table and chairs. We snuck in popcorn, cookies and coffee to enjoy the movie and it was a great night!

Speaking of movies, Brett and I have been renting movies to get us through our evenings. We come home so tired and exhausted. Brett from working and me from laying out in the sun. There is something the sun does to you that makes you tired. So, we kind of started this whole thing where we rent movies that we love and know the other person has not seen. I got to choose one the first night and I figured it was a LONG shot but in honor of Patrick Swayze's death I would pick Dirty Dancing. I figured Brett would never go for it but surprise surprise he didn't even put up a fight, we rented the movie and he actually liked it!!!! I was so impressed. We'll see how it goes once he picks a movie but I will do my best to be open-minded!

I start work at the restaurant Monday which means I get to work the opening night!! I am very excited but go figure, I need to go into town to do some shopping because I need a plain white shirt and I didn't bring a single one. Of course, I have billions of them at home but I have to buy one or two while I am here. Oh well, I am more than willing to buy a shirt for a job that doesn't require listening to people barf and gag in the background! Sorry for being so blunt.

Well, my download of The Hills is done and I am eager to watch it so I am off! Time to top off my coffee and brace myself for the drama of the new season. We miss you and love you!

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Bob said...

Sounds like ho hum married life to me. All heck will probably break loose when you start working in the Pizza joint and you will be wasted most of the time. You ought to watch The Man from Snowy River and Crocodile Dundee at least once while you are there. The rain has started here and it's pretty chilly at night. Bob & Juanita are deer hunting in Wyoming and it looks like they are getting snowed on. They're pulling their huge trailer so they may be having a hectic time. We're leaving for Cleveland in two weeks. Jeff Bare's grandma died yesterday. I took Wyatt over to see her last week and she was very happy that we stopped by.