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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

life in the 4877

I thought I would clear up some information and give everyone a bit of an update on what we have been doing and seeing.

Brett is currently in an online class taking a basic sociology class to fulfill the last requirement for entrance into Regis in Denver, and other schools for the that matter. He has his interview for Regis University via skype on 10.29 at 1am our time. This means he will be interviewing at 9am Denver time and 8am Seattle time on Thursday 10.29. Please send up some prayers and cross your fingers for him! I know he will do excellent and he would be the perfect candidate for the accelerated BSN program. We will let everyone know how he felt about the interview tomorrow.

I am still working at The Beach Shack and it is a wonderful job for me! I only work three nights but for now it is perfect. I am allowed to be on holiday a little right?!?! Brett is done at the beach hire due to the end of the tourist season and the arrival of the stinger. The net goes up Monday the 2nd. For anyone who wants to know a stinger net is basically like a big fish net intended to keep the stinging jellyfish out of a particular area so people can still swim in the 85 degree water. Brett also has a famil tomorrow on Sailaway, which is the sister-boat, to my previous boat, Shoalin. The same guy owns both and Sailaway is a 2004 35ft catamaran. A famil is intended to get a prospective employee out on the boat to "observe" while having the opportunity to see the reef and a typical day on the boat. Hopefully he likes it and they like him.

Information on the stingers (jellyfish):

Brett and I went down to Palm Cove yesterday (Wednesday 10.28) to browse around. Palm Cove is a small town about 40 minutes south of Port Douglas but not nearly as exciting. Palm Cove is trying to make its mark on the map as another destination in FNQ (Far North Queensland) however it has not quite taken off. Port has a better downtown shopping and eating area, a better beach and the best weather. We left beautiful and sunny Port Douglas around 9am and within 10 km it was pouring and continued throughout our whole time in Palm Cove. Thankfully we love the rain and it didn't bother us but the people staying in the hotels there didn't seem too stoked.

The weather is overcast with isolated showers today but it is wonderful and very welcomed from us. We like it when it rains because it cools Port down, makes it feel cozy and allows us to not feel quite so guilty about the weather everyone is having at home. Plus, the wind usually comes with the rain so Brett is like a little excited school boy running back and forth from our house and the beach checking the wind!
All is so well here and we are so thankful for our awesome opportunity to travel and see new things. We are also so thankful for our families. We received a very unexpected package today from Dave and Nancy and it was so fun to open. Thank you everyone for the support and skype conversations thus far! We love you and wish you a happy and healthy week leading up to Halloween.

Love, B and K8

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Bob said...

Thanks for all of the great info. It sounds like you guys are doing very well and are learning a lot. We can't wait to hear how the interview goes. Regis will be making a big mistake if they don't accept Brett. The stingers sound pretty nasty. Love, Dad & Mom