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Friday, October 23, 2009

fellow travelers

While we were on the road traveling in the van we continually had people helping us in so many ways; offering their backyards as campsites, inviting us to dinner or giving us tips of where to go and what to see. We kept saying, usually in disbelief, "Wow, everyone is so nice and helpful. This would never happen in the states." Here is what I have figured out...

I got off work last night and came home to the usual picture, Brett, Dean and Lisa sitting on the front porch eating dinner and hanging out. They were waiting for my arrival home from work, of course ;) Anyways, I got home and they were sitting in their usual places and not 2 minutes after I sit down two girls walk up and quickly Brett begins introducing them to me. I was a little confused but after the introductions and some background information I realized they were 2 girls visiting from Austria and the boys had made friends with them while BBQing their dinner at the park. Barbara and Elka are visiting for 21 days in Australia, 21 days in NZ and then 10 days in Fiji before flying back home. We chatted with them for a few minutes and before I even know it I am writing notes for them of places to go and see. I am also busily highlighting in their Lonely Planet travel book, in German no less, giving them even more tips. I even offered to show them around town the next day to be sure they saw everything Port Douglas had to offer. Then it hits me, I have become that person who we met along the way, and I couldn't be happier about it! There is just something about traveling in a new place that encourages you to be helpful by showing people what is worth seeing and what is simply a tourist trap. Not only did I give them a few tips and leads for cool things to do while in Australia, but Brett and I both were practically forcing them to use our shower and toilet. We must have that helpful travel bug in us as well as feel very sympathetic because they are sleeping in their van while parked in the park next to our house. Essentially we have offered up our "backyard" as well as our house for these two strangers! Thankfully they are really sweet girls who are police officers in Austria, so we know we are in good hands!

I just thought I would share my realization and excitement which led me to figure out that traveling people are not weird or lonely (I mean seriously, people offered to let us park our van in their backyard. They don't know us or have to trust us) but instead they are so nice and we constantly feel the need to help each other out.

Well, it is Saturday here. I have worked two more nights at The Beach Shack and I still have tonight to go. Brett has been working all weekend at the beach hire but the weather is definitely changing and due to the rain there is a very good chance this will be the last weekend for him. Time for him to find a new job. We are going to a house warming party for Brett's boss Calvin tonight. As of now the wet season has not officially hit but it is raining a little each day. I love that you can actually smell the rain coming and see it crossing the ocean minutes before it pours at our house!

We hope all is well at home and we miss everyone! We have been getting to see lots of pictures of kids costumes and fall colors on facebook and it looks like it is beautiful at home. It seems weird to have zero Halloween decorations considering the time of year but I don't think most kids are going to dress up in some funny costume when it is 85 degrees and go door-to-door for candy. Have a great day and we love you all!

B and K8


Bob said...

Hey, It's Maui on steroids. You guys are on a progression. Newbies, at first, and now seasoned travelers. What a wonderful experience. One that you'll never forget. Great post. I hope we can connect on skype tomorrow. Mom and I are going to a show at the Maui Arts and Cultural theatre tonight. Dervish from Ireland. Lots of love!

Julia said...

Jeff and I love reading your posts, keep them coming. I got your post card today! Enjoy