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Monday, October 26, 2009

I think I have an addiction...

Ahhhhhh, coffee!! While coffee in Australia is nothing like that of the states nor Europe or I am guessing in Asia, it is still delicious. Upon arrival in Australia I entered a coffee shop and immediately ordered a cappuccino because it looked like the ones in Italy (A cute little cup of frothy milk, beautiful caramel colored espresso, chocolate sprinkled on top, an espresso spoon and a packet of sugar!!!) Now that we have been here for 2 months I have tried all the other coffee drinks and none are worth drinking except the cappuccino. Here, coffee is made simply with espresso, which sounds like a great thing, however when the shots are burnt or just not quite right it can ruin an entire cup. They do not have drip coffee here so Brett has learned to order a long black, which is the equivalent to a really strong americano. All coffee here is served either in a cup or a mug however you are crazy to get it in a mug because it immediately costs an additional $1.10 for your already $4 coffee. We have decided we will drink coffee out but only if we have a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free. Thankfully the coupons are aplenty because they are printed on the back of our grocery receipts.

Since finding the coupons on the receipts we decided to use one this morning and enjoy a break from the instant coffee at home. We set out for a new coffee shop in town called Port Douglas Pantry and I am so happy to report that the coupon lead us to a great little coffee shop on a side street specializing in homemade treats and pies. We arrived around 8am with books and newspapers in-hand intending to enjoy the morning! After receiving our coffees we spent an hour enjoying them with our eyes just as much as with our mouths! We will definietely be going back to the pantry to use our four other coupons. I have finally found another great reason to shop for groceries!

Yummy cappuccino from the Port Douglas Pantry

We got to see more pictures of Olivia, which was excellent. She is the perfect mix of Mich and Chad. She is very cute and looks super cuddly. We miss all our nieces and nephews and they are a huge reason to get home eventually! :)

We miss you ALL and love you all.
Love, B and K8

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Bob said...

Thanks for the super post. It's really fun to here what you guys are up to.