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Thursday, October 8, 2009

one-night trip

Brett and I went to Cape Tribulation for Wednesday and Thursday! It was a great one-night trip away to see something new and different. We left early Wednesday morning after packing and getting everything into the van. We had all our bedding off our bed and back into the van seeing that it started out in the van. We had a cooler of food for the 2 days and some clothes. We hit the road around 830am and drove an hour north to start our journey. Cape Tribulation is a small bit of land in Northern Australia which is also home to part of the Daintree rain forest, aka the oldest rain forest on earth. Before taking the cable-ferry over to Cape Trib we stopped in Daintree Village which is tiny. There is literally just a shop or two, a tourist information place and a boat ramp for the tours leaving hourly to spot crocodiles. Once arriving in Cape Trib we headed straight for the beach. We went to Cape Trib beach for the afternoon where we layed out, napped, swam in the crystal clear water and ate some lunch. We stayed the night in a small caravan park which doubles as a hostel and restaurant. It was pretty warm at night and the van doesn't seem to have great airflow so we started to make a list of the things we will need while traveling on the road come December. First and foremost, a FAN. We woke up Thursday early and made a yummy breakfast of pancakes. We hit the road for some swimming holes which were beautiful and we were the only ones there! It was a little creepy being the only ones there but the track well well worn so we figured we just went at a slow time!! We also got some exotic fruit ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream Company made from fresh bananas, raspberries, soursop and wattleseed! It was delicious and really fun to walk around through the orchards. We rode the cable-ferry home again and ended our day back in Port Douglas laying in the shade on the beach and making dinner.

All is well here as you can tell! I think we are falling into life pretty well in Port Douglas and once we get totally settled and a little bored back on the road we will go. We have our apt here until December 22nd so once it gets a little closer we will decide where to spend the holidays and maybe even splurge for a hotel room Christmas night. However, as of now and thanks to Brett's great work schedule we are able to have a few days during the week of to enjoy some other places. I know we want to get back up to Coffee Works in Mareeba to eat come delicious chocolate and sip some yummy coffee and I also want to get down to Palm Cove. It is said to be a cool little resort town like Port Douglas but fancier and they are building this incredible piazza/courtyard/shopping center that is said to throw you right into Europe. I will let you know how authentic it feels!

Brett got his skype interview date for Regis in Denver and he will officially be wooing them on October 29th! I know he will do great but keep your fingers crossed for him and we will let you know how it goes. It is only 20 minutes long but I am sure they will only need 20 minutes to know that he is totally dedicated and excited about being a nurse.

Well, I am off to run the beach to meet up with Brett at work. Hopefully I will find out more about the restaurant today or this weekend. There was a fire in the kitchen on Monday which was opening night so I have not started there. If they don't plan to open up anytime soon I will be off looking for something else. We hope all is well at home and we miss everyone. Lots of love.


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Bob said...

It sounds like you guys are doing super! You're almost Aussies.