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Saturday, October 31, 2009


While we are starting a new month over here most people are gearing up for a scary and spooky, candy filled night out for Halloween! We did the same yesterday although it is not quite the same in a town that basically doesn't celebrate at all. We didn't have to dress up for work, there was zero candy to be found and instead of carved pumpkins there were carved squash. I had to work until about 8pm but then we searched the internet for last minute costumes and created something so we could actually show our faces at the Halloween party we were attending. I went as a toga queen while Brett dressed himself in a white shirt with garbage hanging from it: white trash. We went to the restaurant that was hosting the party and staying to hang out for about an hour. Brett had to get home so we he could get up early for work. It was nice to have an excuse to head home and curl into bed.

Brett and I with Marty (Super Hero DJ Monkey)

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Bob said...

Thanks for the post. It looks like you had fun. Mom and I arrived home last night after an uneventful flight. Mom, Julia and Wyatt are going to Target this a.m. I'm going for a row in preparation for the Head of The Lake Regatta next Sunday. It's cooold here. 35* colder than Maui.