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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have a feeling I have lots of mini stories and updates so here goes:

Brett has his interview tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 6am our time so those you trying to figure out when it is your time... good luck. I am pretty sure it ends up being 1pm Denver time and noon Seattle time. Lots of fingers crossed and prayers would be nice! Regis also informed Brett that they would be sending out acceptance letters the week of November 9th so, Dick and Bo keep your eyes peeled for that little piece of mail that will determine our future and chances of seeing everyone next. Brett said his status should change online so we could know sooner than the mail. He has been practicing a lot and he is pretty excited to get it started and over with!

Brett also has a new job! He got a full-time job on Sailaway, which is the sister-boat to Shaolin. He loves working on the boat, meeting people, going to the reef everyday and once again wearing boardies as his uniform! He is doing the daily cruises about 4 days a week and a couple of sunset sails a week! It makes for long days, about 12 hours, but he loves it! Now he is the one cleaning up the puke and not me. Amen for that. He calls it his nursing preparation...

I am still at The Beach Shack and I love it as well! I usually work one day a week in the pizza kitchen and the other 2 in the restaurant. I finally got my own section last week and it was so much fun and went so smooth! As much as you wouldn't think it would be restaurants in Australia are so much different so it has been a bit of a learning curve. I think I am finally there! I also got a call yesterday from Andy about Bel Cibo opening up again after the fire. It should reopen November 18th and there is a chance I will work the last month we are here!

We met a guy from Tahoe, who ended up being Brett Schussel's little league coach, and he informed us that he was leaving in a couple of weeks. No offense but Brett and I got to talking and realized that if we were in his shoes we would ditch the real-life once again and stay. AKA. we are soooooooo not ready to come home. We miss everyone and love everyone but seriously it was so sad to think, "That could be us."

Not much else new to report from Port Douglas. The stinger net is officially in the water but I am not sure there are actually any stingers in the waters yet. They say they should be here after the first BIG rainfall. Apparently these last few rains that we consider big are actually quite minor. Rain in Far North Queensland puts Gig Harbor to shame. The weather is still wonderful with a daily average of 82 degrees. We have not had any rain in the last few days but it looks as if a bank of clouds might be rolling in.

We hope all is well at home. Hopefully everyone is healthy, happy, warm and enjoying November! We missing you and love you.

Love, B and K8

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Bob said...

Thanks for the informative post. We hope we don't lose you guys to Australia. We went to Nordstrom's Bistro this evening. It was really tasty. We're getting together a care package for you and we'll try to send it out soon.