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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

iNtErViEw for Denver

Brett had his interview today, finally!!!!! He feels really that it went really well and he is also very excited to have it over with! He was up with the sun at 445am getting ready and waiting for the call on skype! I was banished to the van to ease the pressure and give him alone time! :) Brett is happy to report that the professor doing the interviewing was very nice, professional, helpful and responsive to his questions. All in all I think he had a very successful interview! Letters are being mailed out Monday but we might be able to report before they reach home! We will keep everyone posted...

As of now, the little plans we have made and discussed are as follows:
If Brett gets in we are planning to be home sometime in early to mid- April so we can get to Denver around May 1st. School starts on May 10th.

If for some reason, which I cannot see happening, he doesn't get in than we have no plans to come until our visas run out in September and they have physically kick us out of the country. There are other schools he will apply to but that is to be determined.

Ok, I am off to enjoy the day! It is sunny and bright! Love you all and thanks for any prayers, good thoughts and fingers crossed while he was interviewing!
"Our little muffin all prepared for his Skype interview"

Love, B and K8


Dick and Bo said...

Hi Brett and K8,
Thanks for the blog report! We have been waiting to hear about the interview with great anticipation all day. The picture of Brett all dressed up was a nice touch, Kate. Thanks for taking it and for taking such great care of our beloved son! Sounds like life is sweet in your corner of the world. Can't wait to see you on Skype!

Mom and Dad T

Bob said...

Veryexciting! He looks like a serious interviewe. How could they turn him down. Let us know as soon as you find out.

John Pleau said...

He is a handsome muffin. Great to read the updates! (47 and cloudy in Gig Harbor!)

Bro John