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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jordan Heacox Rosato

My oldest sister Ann had a baby boy on Monday November 16th! He is very cute and I get the feeling Lucas is very excited to be a big brother! I am not positive of his stats but I know he was about 6 lbs 10 oz and around 19 inches long! Ann had him around 10 Monday morning! I am so excited to have another nephew and I cannot wait to meet him when we get home!


Dick and Bo said...

Hi kate and Brett,
Congrats on becoming an auntie and uncle again, and joy to your whole family. What a little cutie Jordan is. It's hard being away from babies, isn't it! Even CA seems far away when you want to hold that little one.

Congrats Ann, Mike and Lucas, Debbie and Bob!

Bob said...

Life goes on and these little bundels of joy sure do add a lot to it. The photos are wonderful! We're all among the most fortunate people on the planet. Thanks for the congrats! We'll have to get all of these little cookie monsters together one of these days.

ontapps said...

Kate and Brett.

Beautiful places....Happy faces... What could be better?

Hope you are having the time of your lives and are thrilled to see we can follow along!! Enjoy.....

Big Hugs sent from GH....

Paul, Cari, Andrew, Kasey and Kirby