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Friday, October 16, 2009

Life in Port Douglas is just the way I like it: I have a routine but unexpected things happen!

Yesterday Brett went to work as usual. We ate brekkie together, sipped our coffee and then off he went to hire out the gear. I stayed back and got ready for my morning run which leads me down 4 mile beach and to the water sports hiring trailer. While I was running I didn't notice anything different about the day except that it was a littler warmer than usual. No big deal! However, once I got farther down the beach and closer to Brett I realized non of his gear was hired out yet, which is unheard of, and the beach seemed to be really quiet. Plus, no one was in the water (literally) and there were more life guards than normal.

Earlier in the morning there were two unconfirmed crocodile spotting in the water right down from our house on 4 mile beach. One lady though she saw a group of about five small ones swimming and another lady swears she was being stalked by a croc in the water while she was walking for 100 yards down the beach. I think she was a little more freaked out because she was pushing her baby in a pram (stroller) and figured her new baby was about to be lunch. Yikes. Once these "sightings" were reported the beach was closed until future notice and out came the patrol boat and many more lifeguards to check the beach. Thankfully they found nothing and the beach was reopened at noon. However, it caused for a kind of an eerie day and a very slow day at the beach hire.

Now, about the routine in Port Douglas that I love so much! I always look forward to Saturday mornings. Not only did I get to skype with my parents while visiting with Amy and Zach in Cleveland we also set up a date for a weekly skype for my parents. Another great thing about Saturday mornings is that I get to go to the Mossman market. Mossman is a town smaller than Port just about 15 minutes north. It has a great market with very reasonable prices on produce. Much better than the Port market. I have noticed I complain about the prices in Australia a lot and I wanted to let you know not everything here is a rip-off. I got heaps of fresh fruit and veggies all are $14. That is a steal! I even got a basil plant for my kitchen!

As you can see I got awesome stuff for $14. Let me give you an idea of some prices:
6 avocado $2
5 ears of corn $2
Basil plant $3
watermelon $2
2 homemade pieces of slice $2 each
1 raspberry coconut
1 fresh apple
bananas $1.80
zucchini $.50

Not bad huh!!! I was quiet impressed with myself!

We miss you all and love you all! Thanks for reading!

love, B and K8

Here are some more photos that I have posted on facebook in the Port Douglas album:

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John Pleau said...

Forget Harbor Greens, I am coming to Australia for my produce :~)