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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunny October

Monday 10.5.09

It is so hard to believe that it is October 5th and it is sunny and well, the same temperature as Gig Harbor at a whopping 18 degrees. However it is suppose to get up to 28 degrees which is 82! It should be a good day. Brett has a kite boarding lesson today at 10am and I start at the restaurant at 5pm! I am really excited to see how this Italian restaurant is going to go here in town. Port is really busy during all the school holidays and we have one more round of schools arriving today from Sydney. All of the locals keep saying that the town will get really slow once they leave so we will see how it goes.

Yesterday, Brett and I went to one of the local pubs here and watched the NRL (National Rugby League) finals with some friends! Well, we started alone and within minutes had a group of friends with us! We are officially locals and we know people. We hung out with Ted, our neighbor Dean and Marty from Brett's work. Marty is from Vancouver B.C. and we are all excited because he has ESPN and the sports network. Marty is going to allow us to get our football fix and thankfully he is just as much a fan as we are!

Yesterday we had coral trout for dinner which Ted caught out on a friend's boat and it was really good. It was a white fish with a really smooth melt in your mouth texture! It was fun to try something local. This is the one bummer thing about Australia. They don't have their own cuisine. They just steal all the other cultures dishes. Some would say that we do the same thing except we have the famous burger and fries and Australia even stole that from us. Vegemite is about all they got.

We would love some updates from home so please send some information our way! How are the babies, weather, house editions, school and such? Miss you and all love you!


Bob said...

The babies are doing very well. Ann, Mike, Lucas, Jeff, Julia and Wyatt were here for dinner last night. The weather was gorgeous but cool. Lucas and I went to Deadman's today and made macocheese for lunch (photos on facebook). The addition is coming along well and most of the sideing is on. We'd like to set up a time everyweek to skype you guys. The weather is supposed to be really nice all week. Let us now how your new job is. How's Brett's application process going?

Bob said...

So, how'd the new job go?