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Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it the middle of Oct already?

Since I last posted a lot has happened. I had a job lined up at a new restaurant opening in town called Bel Cibo. However, it was expected to open last Monday but due to a fire in the pizza kitchen that idea died real fast. So, I have been on the job hunt. It is always so strange because once you go on a job hunt and find one prospect all the rest seem to come raining down on you. In Australia they do a trial night for any job to see if you like the job, the place, and to give the owner a chance to see if you will be a good fit for the job. I went to one Sunday night and one last night. Sunday night was at Harrison's restaurant located on the main street in town. It is a super fancy French restaurant with a really great chef! It was a great night but after going to my trial night last night at The Beach Shack I realized that I am looking for something more cruisy and laid-back when it comes to serving. I loved The Beach Shack. It was a lot like the restaurant I worked at while in college and much more my style. So, I called the owner from Harrison's and let her know that I didn't feel right about taking the job because she deserved someone who loved the place, that type of job and french food. Of course, it's pouring jobs still because she called back and offered me a job at her husband's cute little Italian restaurant in town, Bucci. AHHHHH, ok I am not trying to toot my own horn about the millions of job offers I just think it is a small town with lots of people coming and going so there are lots of jobs. Now what do I do? I really love The Beach Shack but I would love the Italian place too!?!? I am going to wait to hear my schedule at The Beach Shack and see if I can pull off doing a few lunches at Bucci. I'll keep you updated as it develops.

As I sit here and type Brett is making breakfast! He doesn't cook often but when he does it is always yummy and so sweet! We are headed back up to Mareeba today to use our free-return-with-an entrance purchase at Coffee Works!!! Coffee and chocolate here we come! We are going to try and go to another little town while up there called Kuranda and then round off the trip with a day in Cairns. Basically living in Port Douglas has forced people to head to a bigger city to get the things they need because it is so expensive in Port Douglas. Case in point: I bought a bottle of dove shampoo a couple of days ago and it was $8. We have yet to buy beach towels because they are $14.95 and I don't even want to see how much face wash and other toiletries are.

I have posted some new pictures on facebook of the apartment so enjoy. So far the apartment has been great but I realized one thing I won't miss about Australia is ants in your house. It is not just our apt but everywhere there are ants. Tiny little ant trains by the hundreds. Our apt came with all the furniture and while it is a little bare we are only living here for three months and told ourselves we are not allowed to buy anything because it all has to fit back into the van when we leave. Hopefully we will have more room than before!

Hahaha, we are sitting here on the couch proof-reading the blog before I post it and outside we hear a little mo-ped pull up, stop for a second and drive off again. Brett turns to me and says, "Mailman." Hahah, my words exactly, "Does he drive a mo-ped?" Brett, "Yea!" He goes outside and returns a few seconds later with our mail!!! ahahah, oh Australia!

Thanks for reading. We miss you all and love you all! We hope everyone is having a great fall thus far and please post some pictures of the pretty fall colors and house decorations!!!

love, B and K8

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Bob said...

Good pics on facebook. No matter what decision you make on your jobs you can't go wrong because you'll be leaving in two months. Both jobs sound interesting. We're leaving this Thur. to see Am & Zach and then off to Maui. Port looks just like Maui. Love, Dad & Mom