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Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Overdue Update

Friday 9.11.09
Brett and I were I the post office this morning and realized that we were totally off on the date. I guess that is what traveling will do to you. Plus, we live in a van with no clock and we often forget to put on our watches. Our internal clocks literally run only during daylight hours. We thought it was September 12th, which is even harder to believer because it is nearly 80 every day and zero clouds in the sky, so according to us Washingtonians, why would it be September. However, it is only the 11th here! This also means that it is Ann’s birthday, my sister) today in Washington. So, Happy Birthday Ann!!

When I was 19 and at a very different stage of my live I got a tattoo of a turtle on my right foot. Now, when I was 19 I did, believe it or not, think it thought very well and I even drew a temporary henna tattoo of the exact thing, color and placement of the tattoo I wanted just to be sure I would like it. Never in a million years did I think it would actually affect me in any ways except messing up a cute outfit with heels. However, since starting this trip I have grown very close to my turtle tattoo. The turtle or Honu tattoo that I got is an ancient Hawaiian petroglyph which symbolizes longevity and safe travels. I feel very strongly that this tattoo is providing both of those things. Sounds a little strange but I guess when you are driving on a long two-lane “highway” at 100km an hour, swimming in an ocean with millions of creatures and sleeping in a van you start to think about things… (this has been one of my many random thoughts)

On a better less random thought, the Whitsunday Islands and more specifically Whitehaven beach were literally the prettiest places I have ever been in my life. No doubt about it, hands down! I will post some pictures but unfortunately they won’t even do it justice. The sand on Whitehaven beach was so fine that it squeaks under your feet when you walk. It also contains so much pure silica that NASA came to load up some sand to make the Hubble Space telescope lens. Not only is the sand and beach awesome but the water is so many different shades of blues and greens that it is breathtaking. Honestly, go google a picture of Whitehaven beach and you will see exactly what we saw. All in all, our boat excursion was well worth the money we were afraid to spend. We got to cruise the islands on a great boat, snorkel on the very south tip of the Great Barrier Reef, climb up to a lookout point and view the waters and beaches of Whitehaven and then we got to go down and enjoy the beach for a few hours! The crew was great and the lunch was fantastic also!

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Bob said...

Brett & K8, That was really special skypeing with you today. You both sound like you are doing really well and that your trip is turning out to be everything you expected it to be and more. It was 85* here today and just like the best of our summer. We think Mike, Ann and Lucas went to the fair today. Mom and I went to a memorial service for the mother of our neighbor, Margaret Colman. Dee was 91 1/2 years old and was one of our patients. It was a very nice Luthern service. Be careful over there and keep adding to your blog as often as you can. We love hearing how you are doing and we're looking forward to seeing the little icon that says you are on line so we can skype you again. Love, Dad & Mom H.