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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

QLD Address

Ok, so my dad just commented on our blog about not spending too much time tied down working so to be sure that we don't miss out on anything fun. Well so far the plan was to get into the lifestyle a bit and learn to live like an Australian. We are going to be doing that for a little while. Three months to be exact. We locked ourselves into an apt this morning for a short three month lease. We are super excited seeing that we have awesome jobs and love Port. We will get back on the road around Christmas time but for now it is nice to have a real bed, a bathroom that I don't have to put my shoes on to go to and into plus we have a place that guarantees to keep our food cold... a fridge. What a concept huh!!!

Well, anyone who wants to cane send us some mail to:

Brett and Kate Teodoro
"The Aussie BK Lounge"
3/8 Helmet Street
Port Douglas QLD 4877

The apt is great and it is literally less than 50 meters to the beach. We have a small patio out front, a washing machine and a clothes line out back. PLUS A/C!!!! We are sharing the building with three other units and it seems like it will be pretty cool and great for a little while. We are getting to know the town and we even see people we know at the shops and in the restaurants. We started a new ritual yesterday of going to place called Rattle and Hum for $10 pizza Tuesday!!!

Love you all and we will be looking forward to some mail :)

The Port Locals!

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Dick and Bo said...

How wonderful! Thanks so much for the update Kate! Just did a search of your place. So close to the water, and just off "Reef" street - what could be better! Got to go, but thrilled that you wrote, we love hearing of the adventures. Bless you two!