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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow, has it only been 5 days...

Where do I begin? It has felt like such a long time since I last blogged however upon looking at the calendar I realized my last blog was on the 17th. That is only five days. Anyways here is an update.

Brett and I arrived in Port Douglas Friday the 18th and life has been nonstop since then. We drove into town, checked into the caravan park, scouted out the town a little and headed straight the kite school on four mile beach. We ran into Bretto, the owner and guy Brett has been communicating with for a job and said hi and tried to feel out what our time might be like here. (Side note: All Australians are so easy-going and positive that everything will work out that you really can’t get a feel for what is the truth or just an idea they have in their minds. Case in point Bretto from Wind Swell Kite school) After chatting with him we were convinced we were both offered wonderful jobs and we had an invitation to go to a BBQ with Bretto and his mates. We drove away laughing and keep uttering the phrase, “What are we doing? Hahah.” Life since then has been so interesting and pretty darn fun! We went to the BBQ, which was awesome! We both have jobs, which is great. We are considering a great apt for the next three months and we are so happy with this little town!

Brett is working at Wind Swell daily. He heads to the beach and sits and sits and sits until someone interested in kite boarding walks by or calls for a lesson. So far he has done one lesson but I don’t think he is complaining considering he gets to relax on a beach very much like Sugar Beach in Maui and fly around kites to lure people in. He is also working this week at the equipment rental place on four mile beach which sets people up with paddle boards, innertubes, and kayaks type boats with small sails. He is in ultra holiday with a little work on the side mode!
After hanging out with Bretto and accidently mentioning that I might be looking for work I have accumulated more jobs than I know what to do with. He knows everyone in town and once the word got out that I was interested in working on a boat I have had offers by two boats and a chance for a possible third. I think it is more that the boat skippers and owners are friends and communicate plus share their crew. However as of now I work five days a week on an antique sailing boat called Shaolin. It is an old Chinese sailing boat and so much fun to work on. Look it up online because it is worth reading about and seeing pictures of it! I am one of three people that help crew the boat and we leave daily from the harbor at 1130am and return our guests at 6pm. We do a cruise out to the Low Isles, which is part of the inner barrier reef, lunch at the reef, a snorkel tour to see all the turtles, giant clams and fish than the guests get to relax on the beach and sail back with us! It is an awesome day and from what I was told we are well taken care of financially for our time!

So, I guess you could say we have fallen back in to regular life here. I have to admit the adjustment of getting off holiday and back on the radar was a little difficult but our goal was to see a little bit what it is like to live and work in Australia so here goes! We miss everyone but we are having so much fun and are so not ready to come home yet.
Love, B&K

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Bob said...

It's great to hear from you guys! It sounds like you are having a great time. I hope you don't become so hooked on the Aussies and your new lifestyle that you don't return to GH. Don't spend too much time working either as you may miss out on some great travelling and some super experiences. Keep the blogs and Facebook photos coming. We look forward to them every day. Ok, we have a lot of spare time on our hands. Love Dad & Mom H.