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Monday, February 21, 2011

I got home late last night after traveling to the Midwest to visit my sisters and brother-in-law. Amy and Zach have lived in Cleveland for the last 4 year but they are moving home in May and could not be happier about it! They had their first little girl in December so I got to meet my second niece, Violet! She is perfect: sweet, happy, loving and very cute! While it was a great weekend away the flying always gets to me. I also changed my flight to come home a day early, we all heard about Brett's little crash, but unfortunately a storm rolled through the Midwest yet again and delayed my fights. I got rerouted through Dallas several hours later and made it home around midnight. Thankfully I have president days off!

Pictures from my visit to Cleveland!

Enjoying the proud sister, Mini!

Pete enjoying his treat from his cousin Mini!

Hanging out with Violet!

Always sharing the backseat with Miss. Violet!

Sorry for the poor picture quality. They are from my iPhone!

Thanks for a great weekend Amy and Zach! While I always love coming to Cleveland to visit you guys I am happy that that was the last time :)


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