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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love when the weather totally outsmarts me! All last week we had bitterly cold weather (think -16), snow on and off and really icy conditions. However, the weather report did not predict any more wintry type conditions for a few days but of course mother nature tricked us again. Today, Saturday, I am enjoying a day off and getting my usual weekend routine completed... grocery shopping, cleaning the house, returning my library books and getting new ones and just simple other errands when it starts dumping snow. I have never seen snowflakes so big! It snowed all afternoon and let up just before it got dark! After enjoying a big cup of my favorite tea, Market Spice, and a magazine I decided to go and try to capture the day plus I always like to practice with my camera! Enjoy~

Thanks for reading!
B and K8


John Pleau said...

Hi Kate!

Great Denver update!

Try setting your white balance to "sunny" when taking snow pictures. This may make the snow even whiter.

Say hi to Brett for me.


Dick and Bo said...

Hey Kate, what a beautiful, fresh snowy day you are having there. I'm picturing you cozied up with tea and a magazine, and I like it!