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Monday, June 25, 2012

 Trevi and Friends!

 mom, please get me out of here!

 enjoying goodies from the neighbors! Thanks Chuck, Lisa and Sydney for the books, CD's, DVD's and hat!

 Trevi hangin' with Grandpa!

big stretch

 Grandpa, Violet and Trevi!

 standing girl!

We had Brett's cousin, Steve and his wife Val and their baby girl Brielle (9 months) and my cousin, Dan and his wife Caroline and their baby girl Mabel (12 months) over for dinner and we let the girls play/wrestle!  Trevi is 7.5 months! Here's what happened....

 Bri loves Trevi!

 She seriously loves her!
You know when you get that feeling that something is just so cute you want to squeeze them to death? Well, Bri wanted to do that to Trevi!

 Going for the nose!


 they are getting along really well even when playing with the same toy!

 Bri and Mabel - new best buddies!
Mabel doesn't look quite so sure...

 Bri about to attack Trevi!  Trevi using Mabel as her pull up toy and Mabel raising her hand trying to get mom's attention to get her outta here!!



 Bri the pirate!

the girls playing!

Trevi causing mayhem on her car seat! She thinks it's a great toy!

Good morning Mommy!

This is how I find this girl after every nap and every morning!!!

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