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Saturday, June 16, 2012

 What Has Trevi Been Up To Lately? 

 She went hiking up Mt. Ellinor with Daddy!

 She feel asleep in the backpack! This is her resting her head on the side of the pack.

 Poor girl was tired from all the walking dad was doing. 

 She got to play in the car after sitting in the pack for so long! Such a thoughtful daddy!

 There is lots of standing in our house these days!

 this is typical behavior before bed! Nakie time!

 enjoying the sun on the deck!

 highchair girl!

 just dying to stand

She is trying to go from a crawl to a sitting position.  This is the "kickstand" coined by uncle Scott!

Brett found Trevi standing up in her crib this morning holding on the sides.  No picture to prove it but I am sure we will get one soon! This little 7.5 month old girl is so much fun! I think her curiosity is driving her desire to stand and walk so early!  Thanks for reading!

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