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Sunday, June 10, 2012

 We have a 7 months old on our hands....

 and she is a little cookie monster!

 This is what I looked like 7 months pregnant!!! Crazy to think she was inside me!

 Cousin Love!

 Helping dad with Laundry!

 you can barely see it but Brett is out there kiting! First kiter in Horsehead Bay!

 Hangin with grandma after the hot tub!!

 swimming beauty

 Just loungin in the tub! Who needs to sit the correct way, anyways!

Brett and I took Trevi on her first camping adventure! She was an angel the entire time despite being really cold and wet!  She slept the first night in her pack and play and the second night next to me on the air mattress because it was so chilly!  She got to be a big girl and use the down comforter!  She was so much fun to have and she loved doing everything!

 Here is our awesome camp site at Lake Chelan State Park!

 the "boardwalk" along the waterfront camp sites!

 dinner night #1

 Our campsite the next morning!! SUN!!!

 Trevi turned 7 months old on the trip!

 She loves to be thrown in the air by her daddy! She laughs every time!

check out her face!!

 Our little family!

 U-pick peonies! 

 spending some time in our massive tent to get out of the rain!!

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