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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holy Cow!!!  
Our Baby is 8 Months Old!!!!!!

 Hanging with Kelly on the 4th of July!

 so thirsty! No sangria for you baby!

hanging in her new porch swing at Grandma's house! She loved it so much there is now one hanging on our porch!

 Playing outside in the beautiful weather! This is what she was playing with before we got this....

 a Super cute little pool from Grandma!

 I'm 8 months old!!!

 cheeky little girl!

 This girl loves to stand and now she is holding on with only one hand!! One day she is going to just let go and walk off!

 New kicks!

 Mom, what are these things on my feet?!?!

 Seriously, what are these things?!!?

 look what she found! Her favorite toy!

playing with her cards!! She loves them!

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