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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks for stopping by!
 Lots has been happening at the Teodoro household!!!

this is just Trevi in a box, which is pretty typical!

 family trip to home depot! We started yet another house project! This time.... shelves in the closets!
Trevi is helping dad find what he needs!

 this is a common look around here! Wild Hair!

 I found a great dough recipe so I decided to make homemade pizza!
It always starts out looking like a disaster...

 Trevi likes the fig sauce for the pizza!

 Clearly I could not decide on a topping so I made a 1/2 shrimp pesto and 1/2 fig and mozzarella!

 I also made a yummy quinoa salad!  This has everything but the kitchen sink in it! One reason I love quinoa: it goes with everything!

 I stepped inside for a second after watering my hanging basket this afternoon and came back to Trevi sitting under the dripping water! Mind you, she can get around on the deck but chose not to! Silly girl!

 laughing because the water is falling on her!

 if you look closely you can actually see the water dropping!

 Clearly unfazed!

 We also had some fun playing in the pool this afternoon!!!

 Check out that hair!

 this is what happens when you have really fine hair and not much of it!!! :)

Trevi wanted to help dad get ready for work so she brushed his teeth!

She also had a great time watching the guys take down our trees!

 Before the trees were taken down. This is taken from my in-laws house!

 imagine what a view he had from up there!

One tree down one to go!
  Look really closely and you can see the guy in the tree! He has a black shirt on.

 Before the trees came down!

 After! Check out all the fire wood!!!!

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