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Monday, July 2, 2012

Trevi is almost 8 months old so I thought I would get a post in and some pictures up before we slip her into her 8 month onesie and start another month of her life!  It sure is flying by.

 the hangers were moving and she liked the sound!

 just relaxing holding her own bottle!

 she stands on everything!

 nice dismount!! This has been her biggest challenge lately!

 she is not going from one piece of furniture to another!

 working on those leg muscles in the walker!

 Amy and Zach had their 5 year wedding anniversary and they went up to Whistler! I can't wait to get my hands on that cute baby seat Violet is in!!!!
Happy Anniversary!

 I replaced the book shelve in Trevi's room (she kept hurting herself) with some baskets full of toys and books! She seems pleased!

 baby in a box!

Elizabeth's little girl Kendsey (3) came over and she wanted to hold Trevi!!!

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