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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

 Happy 9 Months Trevi!

 our little girl is so cheery and silly!

 playing in her toy box

 this shows her craziness!
 she loves to grab, chase, hold, throw the camera!

 attempting to get her to sit still!

 Look how tall she is... standing on her tippy toes!

leaning to wave and si us "how big" she is!

 Hangin with daddy on the paddle board! She was out there for about 30 minutes playing with dad and she never even fell in :)

The cousin line up! Right to left: Gavin (6), Coco (3), Olivia (2) Mia (11 months) 
Memphis (9 months) and Trevi (9 months)

> Trevi is crawling like crazy and she is super fast!
> She is wanted to be fed less and less.  She loves finger foods!
> Trevi wears 9 month old clothes and they fit her perfect!
> I swear she grew a whole head taller while we were on vacation. 
> Trevi is in love with water and she loves pools, the bay and the bath!
> She is learning to wave and show up "how big" she is!
> She is always smiling, laughing and just plain Happy!!!!

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Karissa@Withourbest said...

Omgosh!!! I love that she is on the paddle board!!! You guys are the coolest parents! xox