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Thursday, August 2, 2012

 Camping with Steve, Val and Brielle 2012- Red Mountain, Salmon La Sac!

 we arrived a day earlier to secure this awesome campsite!

 Eating Top Ramen! Its what we do!

river walk!

 the beautiful river and mountains surrounding us!

 family shot!

 the river even had some little rapids!


 skipping rocks!

 art photography!

 Steve and Val arrive! I thought we were fairly prepared and organized campers until they showed up.  I quickly realized that I could use some tips to making camping trips more organized and prepared!

 Trevi and Bri testing out their friendship!

 Seriously, the cutest chairs I have ever seen!

 Bri doesn't look so sure of  Trevi!

 cute girls!

 Trevi did not want to let go!

 Family photo!

 daddy's and their girls!

 toes in the river!

 she loves flying around with her daddy!

 smiley Bri!

 listening to uncle Brett!

 our little head lamp girl!

 brushing her teeth!

After camping we headed to Lake Chelan for a few days where we got to hang out with Brett's parents, siblings and their kids! It was so much fun!

 hanging with Pa!

 pool time!

 once again she is flying!

 brushing her teeth yet again!

 she loves the mirror!

She spent a lot of time chasing the duck!

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