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Friday, August 10, 2012

 The Latest Happenings at Trevi's House!

 Nicole and Jake came for a play date! These two were too fast meaning I could never get a picture of them together!

I painted the pocket door in our kitchen with white board paint! As you can see cousin Olivia came to play along with cousin Mia but of course I didn't get a picture here either because the girls are too fast and busy! Next time I guess!

 Trevi is trying to climb on everything!

 notice her foot trying to get just a little higher by using the base boards! 
PS. check out the cute jammies from GG!

 The second phase of the tree removal project is well under way! Brett plans to chop all the wood himself!

 Sounds a little crazy, I know!

 Trevi loves to play in the fridge!

 helping herself to a nectarine!

 Apparently she approves of Harbor Greens produce!

 Ahh, smart guy! He talked my grandpa into bring over his wood splitter! The pile is get a little smaller.... slowly!

We have a 3rd tooth!!!! No top ones yet but Trevi is figuring out what they are for because she keeps breaking food with them or scrapping food along the bottom ones!

1 comment:

Karissa@Withourbest said...

I'm with Trevi... I like the fridge too (maybe a little too much?)

Brett's shadow is so cool in the photos!

Miss you guys.. it is in the 100s here, HOT!! We are planning to take our new friends to the Mile High Flea Market.. they've never been... sounds familiar! xo