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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 11 Months Old! 
lots of new things!

we keep cheerios in business!

 Trevi loves GG's apple sauce!

 silly girl!! as usual!

 love all those teeth!

 She loves Violet the dog! (her cousin Violet, too!)

 foggy morning!

 taking steps!

 climbing stairs!

 reading books!

 learning about colors!

 happy girl with her toys!



 getting onto things that are too high for her!

 falling... (i'm a bad mom for capturing this.  But I can assure she was not hurt!)

 getting into lots of things!

 the pile fell on her!

 picking the things back up!


 squatting to pick up more! She does this a lot! Standing up without holding onto something!

 taking more steps!

 she hates headbands..

 trying to climb the dresser!
(check out those cute little rolls in her legs)

 successfully pulled the headband off!

 standing on her tippy toes!

Happy 11 months to our wild happy little girl!

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