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Monday, October 29, 2012

 Daddy's Weekend!

While I was away this last weekend for the Mom's retreat at Seabrook, Brett got to spend the weekend with the peanut! I had a very fun and relaxing weekend with 30 other women while Brett and the peanut hung around the harbor doing all sorts of fun things!

 for some reason she loves playing with the oatmeal 
(Brett figured this out while I was gone)

 He spent some time with Scott and the kids at G and Pa's house!

 they are many meals togather!

 hmmm, green onions for dinner?!?!

 playing with the honeydew

 Playing at G and Pa's with cousin Memphis!

 silly Gav!

 daddy daughter time!

 they also played with cousin Brielle!

 Hahahaha, this describes Trevi perfectly!!!! Arms are always flying!

 We have a walking girl!

 hanging out after bath time!

 doing laundry!  I cam home to a spotless house!!! My hubby is amazing!

 happy to be helping!

 Such cuties!

 daddy built her a fort!

 they went running in the rain!

Brett went to dinner at my parents house and played with more cousins!

I am so thankful to have a husband who is so wonderful! He was so encouraging and supportive about me leaving for the weekend for some fun days spent with great friends and he was sooooooo great with Trevi! She is such a lucky girl to have such a fun and loving dad! He even cleaned the house and did all the laundry!! Thank you Brett, I love you and appreciate you!

PS. Seabrook is awesome!

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