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Sunday, October 14, 2012


to be honest I don't know how I feel about fall yet.... I love the color of the leaves, everything pumpkin, fires, warm drinks, and fun festivals but I hate the cold, rainy, gray days and again the cold.       
However, here are a few pictures from the Scarecrow Festival in Gig Harbor a few weekends ago! We went with our cousins and Trevi's buddy Brielle!  They got to pet animals, explore a hay maze, vote for the best scarecrow and enjoy the last few days of sunshine!!                                                              
 posing on a hay bale!

 posing with their favorite scarecrow!

 going through the corn maze!

 petting a bunny! so soft!

 petting guinea pigs!

 enjoying Mr. Donkey!

 playing in the dirt

 checking out Mr. Donkey with daddy from the top of the fence

 loving the bubbles

 taking her first steps with G!

 I hope the video works! If it does you will see proof of her steps!

 folding laundry!

Brett and I decided to enjoy literally the last day of sunshine with a bike ride on Ruston Way! Trevi did amazingly well! She just sat in her seat checking everything out! It was chilly but sunny!!!

 best garage sale item ever!

 family photo on the pier!

 riding with daddy!

 11 months old

 standing on the lawn holding the hose up! Still Sunny!

 We went to dinner at a friend's house/fellow nurse of Brett and Trevi loved his bear rug! 
(yes it's real!)

 looking at the family photo on the fridge!
check out the pointer finger!

how big is Trevi......? SOOOOOOO big!!!

I hope you are enjoying fall more than I am!


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