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Thursday, November 1, 2012

 Trevi's First Halloween!

We got a cute little hand-me-down costume from cousin Violet for Halloween! Trevi spent her first Halloween dressed as a kitty cat! She loved the outfit, mainly because there were not any hair bows, headbands or things to distract her!  We went to uptown Gig Harbor for trick-or-treating with the cousins Gavin, Coco, and Memphis, and then grabbed some dinner at Fondi with Brett's parents.  We had plans to go to the church Harvest party but unfortunately Brett threw out his back or pinched some muscle or nerve so we headed home to nurse him back to health.

 Trevi the kitty!

 it was so fun to have a walking baby for Halloween even though she didn't trick or treat she got to dress up and participate!

 getting a cousin shot was virtually impossible so here are a few!

 Coco(4) as supergirl, Gavin(6) army man, 
Trevi(11 months) kitty, Memphis(11 months) peacock

 undoubtedly someone was not looking.

 Trevi with G and Pa on her first Halloween!

helping Pa get some work done!  ( I think the tail is my favorite part of the costume!)

this is how our night ended!

We were bummed to miss the Harvest Party, since I have yet to make it to one, but we got some other exciting news from our cousins Steve and Val.  They are expecting a second baby May 30th! The Teo family just keep growing!!!  Will we make it to 13 baby girls born in a row? They are very excited and I am sure their little girl Bri is ready to take on the role as big sister! Check out their family page here!

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