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Saturday, November 10, 2012

 Life With a 1 Year Old!!!

 playing with Daddy!

 Yes, we still do baths in the kitchen sink!

 snuggly stroller ride!

 helping me clean the office!

 Birthday Balloons!

 she loves balloons!

(it was actually her falling)
 rolling around on the floor!

pre-birthday Park Day!

 hmmm, what's the weather going to be today?!

 she loves the park!


 Daddy came to park for her actual birthday!
this is one happy birthday girl!

 she LOVES the slide!

 riding with daddy!

 just hanging out!

 playing with some fall leaves!

 helping uncle Scott!

 Birthday girls!

 birthday coats from G!

 1 year appt!
20 lb 6 oz and 33 inches tall! 
tall and skinny like her daddy!

 making a mess but having so much fun!

 it's chilly out but Trevi still wants to be outside!

 beanie baby!

her Everest at the park!

Happy birthday to my sweet Trevi!
~ you take one nap that is about 1.5 hours long
~ you sleep all night from 630pm-730am.  Sometime we hear you up there talking to yourself
~ you love love love milk
~ you eat tiny meals
~ you almost exclusively walk
~ you have 7 teeth
~ you are in the 95% for height, 50% for your head, and 25% for weight
~ you love to be outside
~ you are just getting the hang of having shoes on
~ you finally stay up long enough for us to make it through church (Thank You)
~ you love animals
~ you are silly, talkative (not in public), crazy, wild, independent, loving and so much fun!

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Kate Teodoro said...

This is so beautiful Kate! What a fabulous Mommy-child combo you and Trevi are together! We thank God for you!