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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seabrook Weekend November 2012

 family photo at Seabrook!

 cruising the neighborhood!

 watching her clothes wash!

 Trevi loves the beach!

 a girl at the sunset!

 daddy and daughter on the beach at sunset!

 hanging in her stroller!

 all snuggly on the beach walk!

 sunset the 1st night!

 sunset the 2nd night!

 look guys!

 playing around!

 enjoying some pumpkin bread!

 daddy always does the daring moves

 my point exactly....

 chasing the birds!

 swinging in our arms!

 sunsets here are awesome!

 having her usual swimming lesson because we missed the one at home!

 she loves the water!

 splasher girl!

 enjoying Seabrook on bikes!

 Brett was happy to have the subaru on the beach!

 in her warm jacket G got her!

 sleeping in Seabrook! She's a blankie girl!

our sunset photo!

daddy and daughter defying the waves!

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Kisma said...

OMG!!! What Amazing pictures!!!!

Have a great holiday you three!!!