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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

 Happy 1st Birthday Girls!

Two very important little girls turn 1 today!!!! Memphis was born at 830 am and Trevi was born at 1247pm!! Both weighed in a 6 lb 14.2 ounces and both were 20 inches long! Thanks Dr. Nelson who delivered both girls that morning!!  Erica and I both went into labor at midnight and then had side by side recovery rooms!!!! It was an awesome day!!!
 2 very special friends!

 Two Teo brothers had babies that day!

 there are many sleep overs in their future!

 I got to have my first baby on the same day as my best friend!

 Happy 1st Birthday!

eating cake at their birthday party! I see many joint parties in their future!

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Kisma said...

Happy Birthday sweet little ones!!!!