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Friday, March 15, 2013

We've been busy!

Brett had a few days off after I got back from NYC so we decided to spend some time as a family and run a few errands! Here's what we've been up to!

Shopping at East Asia Market! Trevi loved riding in the basket and had to check out all the stuff we were buying!

We visited great grandma for a little pre-birthday celebration/ hang out! Trevi and daddy had fun on the exercise bike!

Trevi and daddy played around while I was gone at the gym and I came home to a high heeled walking machine! She is better at walking in them than I am!!!

Brett got us a groupon for trapeze lessons for our anniversary! I have always wanted to do this and it was just as much fun as I thought it would be! We even got to do a flying catch!

I started a new hobby! So far GG is supplying me with puzzles but I may need to start borrowing some if people have them lying around!

I found a new yummy oatmeal while at Coffee Fest and I am in love! I feel like I am eating dessert for breakfast! Doesn't get much better!

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