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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 NYC, Whistler and Random Photos!

January, February and March have been crazy busy for our family simply because we have been traveling so much! I am not complaining just stating the obvious! I have loved all the trips because they have been so different and so much fun!! Here is a glimpse into our last few months!

I flew to NYC with Erica to work at Coffee Fest (a trade show dedicated to coffee) and we had a serious good time! We spent Tuesday through Sunday there and while we were not working we ate, walked, watched, explored and saw as much of NYC as we could!

 Little Italy!

 Central Park!

 running in the park!

 breakfast at Dean and Deluca! Cappuccino and chocolate croissants are my happy place!

 walking the Brooklyn Bridge

 Trevi was in good hands with G and Pa for the first half of the trip!

 Visiting the TODAY show! Little did we realize how that would turn out....

 Did not expect to get invited into the studio to watch and meet everyone!! Awesome experience! Plus, everyone was so nice!

Neal Caffrey's house (from the show White Collar).  The last remaining privately owned privately detached building in all of Manhattan!

 on the hunt for macarons for Erica! Look how beautiful all the colors are!
We may have spent $30 on these! ;)

 T spending time with daddy for the second half of my NYC trip! It was warm enough to go paddle boarding! Can you believe she will just sit there!

being silly with daddy!

 biscotti from a vendor at Coffee Fest! I was in heaven!

 Arc de Triomphe in Washington Square Park

 making bubbles with a street performer below the Arc de Triomphe!

 Italian dinner at Malatesta in NYC! I felt like I was in Italy eating this homemade pasta!


Brett, Trevi and I made a random stop at the B&I in Tacoma.  We figured T should at least go on a few rides! 

 Seahawk ride with dad!

helicopter with mom!

We also had a family trip to Whistler this year! 2 of my 3 sisters, their spouses and kids, plus my parents all went up for a long weekend of snow, skiing, family time and exploring! It was a great trip minus the lack of snow and extra rain.  However, it was fun to be somewhere white this winter!

 headed to the mountain in snow gear! She loves the elevator buttons!

 snow bunnies!

 Amy and Violet (2) skiing!

 Brett and I snowboarding together for the first time!

 mode of transportation for T!

 my little snow bunny!

 Trevi (16 months) skiing for the first time!

 going up the magic carpet!

 Trevi and Violet sledding!

 best buddies!

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