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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last full day :(

A day in pictures:
630am: I actually woke up before the sleeping little princess!

7am: Watching grandpa paddle

715am: playing on the beach... Finally! With morning hair!

Not hating the sand!

10am: just cruising around outside!

1130am: some water and lunch George her nap!

3pm: watching the fish screensaver post nap pre pool!

430pm: playing at the computer again post swim!

Some things I forgot to capture:
1. We swam in the ocean today! 
2. Trevi slept for 3.5 hours!
3. Trevi and Lydia spent the whole afternoon playing!
4. T ate everything under the sun today! 

We fly home tomorrow and after everyone checking in for our fight we found out that we are sitting in the same row and directly next to Lydia! It's awesome! Hopefully it will be a great flight!!! Here's to hoping! 

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