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Sunday, June 2, 2013

We have been in Maui for a week now and I would give up a lot to stay! If only Brett could join us all would be right with the world! We come home tomorrow and I just can't think about it. Trevi is in heaven here! She loves the sun, water and warm weather! She is an outside girl through and through! It's been fun to see her grow, explore and learn new things while here! I have learned two things about her! 1. Just like her daddy she is in constant motion! She is always moving but come nap time for bed time she hits the pillow hard! 2. Just like her mom she loves to be outside and in the sunshine! The first thing she does when she wakes up is run for the door and say, "outside." It's not a question but more of a statement! It's also been really fun to see her spend so much time with my parents! She has really gotten attached to them!! Alright, enough rambling... 

Here are some pictures!
Subset last night!

My dinner date!

Baby gecko eggs!!

All dressed up for dinner!

Headed to mama's fish house!

Spaghetti lunch!

She spotted the moon!


Playing with Lydia!

Mamma and baby! 

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