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Thursday, June 13, 2013

 Trevi Update!

I have been home from Chicago for 3 days and it has been sunny and warm!!! I thought I would add some photos of the little peanut but when I was gone and now that I am home!


 check out those capri's!

 enjoying the sunshine!

 playing on the deck!


 she loves her spinning flowers!


 of course she really wanted the pool in the house 5 minutes before bedtime...

 a little upset it wont fit through the door...

 even more upset that she has to wait until tomorrow to play in it.


 we tried to put her down at her normal bedtime but the poor girl was still on Maui time so after an hour of playing in her crib we let her get back up and help me pack!

 I couldn't resist considering I would be away from her for a long weekend!

 packing turned into this....


 daddy took her to the park!

 she loves the park!


 popsicles with cousin Gav!

 blue face... this can only mean on thing.... SUMMER!

 bucket head!


 BBQ with friends! Trevi and Jenna! Twins!

a slide a little more her size!

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