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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A very large quantity of photos from the last few weeks! Enjoy!


 channeling her inner Jan Brady with that mullet!

 fro-yo date with daddy!

 dinner date with daddy while mommy is in Seattle for the weekend!
I don't know who's luckier... daddy or T?!?!?!

 preparing for a future kiting session!

 "Hi, Hazel!!"

 She came to visit!

Kid Friendly Meal

 Kid approved pasta!

 super easy healthy pasta for kiddos! Plus it means she ate a vegetable!

 new nighty!

Olympia Children's Museum

 T loves the water section!

 hoarding the boats!

 sending them down the chute

 playing in the firetruck!

 uh ohhh... caught in a police car.  Let's hope this is the only time this happens! ;)

 future dentist....!!?!?!



 pint-size picassos


 Where's Trevi?

 playing the sun and sand!

Dinner at the grandparents

Grandpa took the girls in the hot tub.  I don't think I saw her for 45 minutes!!!

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