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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Shopper

Trevi is very into doing things on her own and loves to be part of whatever the big people are doing.  Case in point... our trip to Target after church!!

 carrying the basket while browsing for items!

 "Do we need this mom?"

 Giving it a closer look.
 She carries the basket all through the store until it started to get a little too heavy... then it was up to mom to carry it the rest of the way!  Too cute!

We registered Trevi as a member at the YMCA again so we can start some classes come winter and days when it is dark at 4.  For the upcoming session she is registered for swimming and mighty movers! They both sound perfectly suited for her!!
Here is the little member waiting so patiently while mom is registering her!

just doing some coloring!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday everyone!

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